Peace Live Laugh About Us

Peace Live Laugh (PLL) is a multi-speciality counselling and life coaching unit, providing services in and outside India. It is a network of eminent experts and professionals from various fields like psychiatry, medicine, psychology, education, corporate, life coaching and training. This allows us to offer a wide and holistic range of services to individuals and masses from all over the world.

Peace Live LaughOur Services

Individual Services

Individual counselling/developmental programs are designed to facilitate personal and interpersonal functioning across lifespan. Our experienced psychologists/ counselors tailor counselling sessions according to the needs of the client, providing supportive and […]

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Group Services

Group services are held with minimum 2 to maximum 5 participant in each session. Sessions are pre-designed in ways to provide a comfortable environment to the participants and maximize their […]

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Career Enhancement Programs

Career Enhancement Program refers to the process of understanding self to take educational, career and life decisions in a way to facilitate success. At PLL, we do it the scientific […]

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Human Resource Consulting

The application of psychological knowledge and principles in Human Resources is limited and more importantly stereotyped. PLL provides a unique approach in harnessing the power of your workforce. From training […]

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One Day Sessions

One day sessions are brief, focused events that aim to increase awareness about a particular topic. PLL conducts one day sessions on topics like: Parenting the Adolescent, Teacher Training Awareness, […]

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