The “S” word

Stress and anxiety overlaps each other. From frequent stress comes anxiety. Everyday we come across a word named stress. People around us repetitively use this word in situations which are out of control. Like for instance an employee was heard saying “my boss gives me so much work that it stresses me out,” and a woman was heard saying “ My relatives keeps on forcing me to conceive, it stresses me out.” Stress is a common word used by all age group,may it be teens or adults. Our life has become so hectic that our level to cop up is decreasing alarmingly.

So what is stress exactly?

First of all stress are of two types as I call it Constructive stress and Destructive stress. Constructive stress is the one where our body and mind reacts to the environment and helps us to get motivated. Like sport person can perform well under stress. Or exam stress can actually make students work hard and help them perform well. Stress is a very normal part of life. A right amount of stress can help us achieve goals. When we get a promotion or a new job or even a new born baby can stress us out. So stress which doesn’t cause any hindrance in our day today life is a constructive stress.

Now lets talk about destructive stress. When a person starts to stress about things without any relief is destructive stress. It can disturb our normal activity and make us suffer from symptoms like headache chest pain sexual dysfunction sleeplessness etc. We know many people who to achieve their life target work so hard and forgets to enjoy their life. Excessive of anything is bad and if we don’t keep our level of stress under check we may start living a disharmonious life.

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