Life on the Border

It was dusk, we returned from work
‘Will sleep tonight’, I thought
And fate did smirk.

As all the farmers returned and lit lanterns at home,
The orange sun set behind the mosques dome.

I sipped my Kahwa and tucked myself in,
Listening to the radio’s broadcast on my country’s win.

At last i thought! Peace has come,
Hatred and war.. Oh I am done!

I fell sleepy and dozed off for a while,
The moon came out shining with a smile.

I woke up with a tremor and a frantic shout,
Of people scared and running about.

Gunshots they were, I knew the sound;
The village was bombarded with bullets all around.

I need to run out, I need to hide and wait,
What do i need to do? Couldn’t get my thoughts straight.

My muscles froze, my eyes searched,
Frantically for my family who were not heard.

A minute later the gunshots stopped,
It seemed like a blanket of silence had dropped.

I wanted to get up but couldn’t move,
The walls around me and the overhead roof.

Seemed like a coffin binding me inside,
My eyes couldn’t move, my tears dried!

Finally I walked out looking for my family,
Found them at once, lying by the tree.

Their eyes wide open, starring at the sky,
They lied still on the ground, I couldn’t believe my eye.

So much for peace and publicity stunts..
Just end our daily sufferings..
And kill ALL of us at once!

For those who don’t belong to any army but fight with their fates everyday and night on the border.. Just to live.

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