‘Struggle’ the fundamental part of success

‘I hate my life’, ‘Why am i not lucky enough’ , ‘Will I ever achieve what I deserve?’ These are some of the many questions we ask ourselves, and to people around us with whom we are close. We always want to take that dive but regress whenever the fear of struggle strikes us. Struggle is like the thorn wrapped around the beautiful blooming vines. Either you hurt your hands while attaining the vine or you can just watch that vine from distance and stay happy. The same is with success, either you go through all the struggles and achieve that desired success or stay back and see someone else winning everything you ever wanted.

We detest struggle so much that we overlook the fact that, if it wasn’t struggle we wouldn’t have understood the level of desire we have inside to achieve success we always dreamed of. Struggle makes us meet ourselves at some point in our lives. It makes us realize how much passionate we are or how much stubborn we are to endure all the pain to achieve that golden trophy we had our eyes on. Every coin has two sides, one part consist of all that beautiful fragments like the car we always wanted or the house we ever desired for or that person we wanted to hangout with. But to get all this we have to go through that ugly side of the coins were we feel despair, neglected, emotional exhaustion the part of struggle.

It is important to appreciate struggle as much as we value and respect success because if we start accepting struggle it will get easier to walk on the thorns. We live in amid heartbroken people who gave up because they couldn’t overcome success. But what if we start loving that slice of cake life has given us even though its is not of our taste. Who knows someday we may develop the taste and start loving it.

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