I saw her by the windowsill,
Gazing widely at the sun.
As if there was someone waiting,
But alas, there were none.

She sat there the whole afternoon
While others were fast asleep.
Her face seemed as if she was,
Buried in thought deep.

And while there still be light outside
And early evening tea is served,
I would sit and wonder -
"What happened to her?
What was it that she deserved?"

She hummed and hummed, all day long,
A lovely tune of a melodious song. 
She hummed but never spoke a word,
She stayed in the same room, but was unheard.

I gathered the courage one morning,
And asked her nurse,  "Why doesn't she sing"
"She can't speak, her tongue is removed"
I was shocked and also moved!

Eleven day I was in the hospital
Sharing the room with her.
She taught me the biggest lesson in life
Not to suffer but conquer!

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