What If…

WHAT and IF these two seemingly simple words are merely words but when used together, they can be threatening and raise questions they’ll haunt you for your life.


What if the person with whom you broke up for not giving you time, was working overtime to buy you a diamond ring with his incentive?

What if the mother whom you said, “What do you know of love!” has been carrying a broken heart before she was married to your father?

What if the girl you called prostitute was sold off by her own family to finance their son’s education?

What if you had given a second chance to your relationship which gave you some of life’s best moments?

Think about it!

It is very easy to throw out words without thinking about its impact on others. WHAT IF people did the same to us?

A friend once told me..

Never take a decision when angry/sad

Never promise anything when happy and

Never ever say anything without realising its impact.

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