Be Healthy

Mental Health has become one of the most talked about subject in the recent past. This field is hugely neglected by government and less awareness caused a great amount of suffering to the people suffering from it. During the 19th century and the 20th century, it was a taboo and people were ashamed to talk about it. Those who tried to clear the air surrounding the subject we’re labelled as mad and were boycotted from social gatherings.      

Why is it important to talk about Mental Health? Well first of all, mental health problem is not a personal problem but it has become a national issue. According to the WHO almost 8,00,000 suicides happen every year and this rate is high among 15-29 years old. And the major reason behind this is mental illness. As we don’t talk about Mental Health and the ways to keep mind healthy and detox during the time of stress, the young generation, our nation’s future is suffering the most.    The pressure to follow a certain lifestyle has created so much of chaos in the mind of the youngsters that they have started forming a withdrawal syndrome and prefer living in a shell rather in a community.

In Japan ‘Hikikomori’ has become one of the most reclusive adolescents who are often seeking extreme degree of isolation and confinement. Hikikomori have been described as loners or modern day hermits. So it has become very important to take action and actually help those who are suffering from it before it’s too late.

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