It’s a flu

There are times when we need to confide in someone. That someone who we trust endlessly without any dubious thoughts or hesitation and can share anything how much unconventional or bashful the thought/ experience may be.

There is an old Japanese saying, ” Humans have three faces, the first face you show it to the world, the second to friends and family and the third face is hidden from everyone accept you and that’s the truest reflection of who you are”.      

According to this saying, we should actually give a thought of why we don’t expose ourselves or why we don’t feel like showing our true self to anyone. May be we are too scared about acceptance by loved ones.

Depression is also the same, when a person suffers from it he/she doesn’t really want to show their affected side to anyone. They are scared that they would be rejected or abandoned by the loved ones. They go through hell everyday but are not able to relate their problem with anyone.       

We have coined the term depression wrongly. The meaning of it is more broader and vast. Depression can’t happen overnight to anyone. Our mind fights with our negative thought for long time, and when we can’t take it anymore we start getting into it’s grasp.

A person suffering from depression is not mad and shouldn’t be shun out from the society. They are not a disgrace, but let’s just say they are suffering from a type of flu, a flu which take years and years to combat with it’s opponent i.e the negative thoughts that dwell in our mind.

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