Men Don’t Cry

When a girl says “Why do boys have all the fun?” it is more because of all the negative statements they have heard throughout their life for just being a girl. Society always had a way of imposing certain stereotype on each and every human.

Females have always faced issues that are not discussed ever or even thrown light upon. Several injuries and pain have been inflicted upon this gender throughout history. But in the midst of all the chaos we almost forgot the fact that males have been the equal sufferers too.

If the society is not safe for women is it completely safe for men?

Does patriarchy system of society actually support males?

Humans have become so intolerant that before raising voices we don’t think. We search for opportunities and try to dust off the other person’s efforts into bits. Thinking twice has become an outdated trend and arrogance and intolerance the newest trend. If we feel women are not safe it goes same for men.

When a boy is born several rules are imposed on him. It is imperative for a boy to take care of his parents when they grow old, but girls are generally exempted from such notions.

. By the age of 7 a boy is already taught how he is different from a girl and how he does’t have the luxury to let out his emotions and how he is suppose to lead his life.

If a girl is taught from a very young age how act graceful a boy is taught how to act manly. He can’t nag or complain instead he has to show his manliness. If he is hurt he cant show his emotions or can cry, because from a very young age boys are taught “Men Don’t Cry”. He is taught to drain out all his emotions if he has to walk on the road of manliness. We always feel that it is never easy for girls, but it was and is never going to get easy for the boys also until and unless we don’t stop listening to certain ruthless rules our ancestors made and imposed on us. The day we start to take steps towards changing things for male it will get easier for female and world will become a better place to live in.

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