Gentle reminder: Life’s meant to be good!

Gentle Reminder: Life’s meant to be good.

You are not meant to be stuck in thoughts that holds you back forever. The anger about everyone’s obliviousness to your condition. Life’s worth more than negativity crunching your thoughts. You don’t have to keep feeling like you just want to disappear from the world, when in reality all you want is to be found. 
So reach out to someone who cares about you. Open the window, let the fresh breeze come in. Go for a walk. Don’t abstain from fun and adventure. Smile at the stranger. 
Life’s meant to be good and you have to love yourself. 
That’s what life is meant to be – PEACE, LIVE, LAUGH. Life is not beyond your imagination or lower than your worst moments. Make it good. Achieve the balance. Sort and compartmentalize your battles. Fight them with utmost vigour.

You can, even if you think you can’t!

One thought on “Gentle reminder: Life’s meant to be good!

  1. Nice article.
    I hope more article like this comes at-least once in a month to throw back some good and positive light in your busy life. As the technology and standard of living advances, normal human life is getting more and more complicated. Now a days, people like to chat in FB or other messenger rather then chatting in park. I miss the childhood where people were less complicated and more open. A door to fresh air comes only in blog spots where people opens up.

    As in one dialogue of Jurassic Park movie says, “life finds a way”, surly we would find a way to find life and happiness.

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