Why RAPE Happens

How many times have you heard elders say, that a woman’s clothes, her timing of staying out, her drinking and mixing with men gets them raped?
Even parents also seem to get concerned about the clothes you wear and the time you return home because these are the things that get women raped. We women get offended to this often but again…do we ask why?

Many times I’m sure. but have you ever wondered why they do it? I am not justifying their behaviour or anything but i really want to know what evokes this thought. Are they all sadistic or chauvinistic and use the situation to pull back women from coming out in the society..what is it?

Well, to me it seems like there is a fine thread between protection and aversion. Elders often try to ‘parent’ us with aversion right from childhood. “Eating chocolates will make your teeth decay; Watching television will hamper studies; the list goes on”. may in the same light, they try to use the same principle to ensure that we take protective measures for us. But the problem with this is it backfires. We assume that the person is stereotyped and regressive. The thought is definitely so but instead of only labeling it we could do something more.

While spreading awareness about ‘women can wear what they want to, do what they want to…we can also uphold the difference between protection, limitation and accusation. Instead of limiting your daughter to go out because ‘something might happen’ teach her to be alert and defend herself. Because ‘why rape happens’ is important but ‘how to prevent it’ and ‘how to deal with it’ is more important!

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